Sustainable Farming

Bambi and IDH, a Netherlands based Donor agency entered into a partnership to support Bambi’s Sustainable Oil Palm Smallholder Inclusion Project in Ondo State, Nigeria. IDH support came in the form of capacity building particularly in the following areas:

  • Sensitization of farmers on smart farming
  • Training on climate smart production and best management practices
  • Increased adoption of all improved practices
  • Gender and special Groups Focused Production

The Project was implemented under Bambi’s out-grower scheme that incorporated 1,100 smallholder farmers into the company’s supply chain. The 1,100 farmers were divided into two categories:

  • 800 block farmers, each to be allocated 4ha of land; and
  • 300 community farmers with existing oil palm farms within Odigbo, Ondo West, Ondo East and Ile-Oluji/Okeigbo Local Government Areas of Ondo State.

The impact on smallholders’ livelihoods include:

  • Sustainability and inclusion of smallholders in supply chain
  • Improvement of livelihoods
  • Increased productivity
  • Oil palm production under a sustainable and environmental integrity regime
  • Removal of the challenge of access to credit facing smallholder farmers
  • Improved yield
  • Knowledge acquisition in the promotion of climate smart best management practices, input pre-financing and credit services for farmers
  • Bambi as the Off taker offers Farmers ready markets
  • Income diversification through intercropping of legumes etc. and animal husbandry