About Us

Bambi is a privately-owned Limited Liability Company operating from Okeigbo and Ore in Ondo State Nigeria. It was incorporated on November 30, 2015 but commenced operation September 2018. Its corporate head office is at Kilometre 15 Ondo-Ife Road, Okeigbo, Ondo State, Nigeria.

The company is a member of Bambi Group with 87% and 13% Nigerian and foreign ownership respectively. The core businesses of the company are:

  • Oil Palm Plantations in Ore and Oloruntele, Okeigbo, Ondo State, Nigeria comprising:
    • 6,000 Ha out of which 500 Ha has already matured
    • Cultivation strategies involve clusters of farmers under Out-Growers farming Scheme
  • Oil Palm Processing in Okeigbo, Ondo State, Nigeria comprising:
    • 120 tons per day Palm Kernel Processing Plant to produce:
      • Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO)
      • Palm Kernel Cake (PKC)
    • 40 tons per day Solvent Extraction Plant
    • 60 Tons per day Soybeans Processing plant to produce:
      • Crude Soybeans oil
      • Soybeans meal
  • Planned expansion for Half-year 2020
    • 20 tons per hour Palm Oil Mill to produce:
      • Crude Palm Oil
      • Palm Kernel
    • Continuous Physical vegetable oil refinery
    • Soybeans Degumming Plant
    • Fractionation Plant